Cararo Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter Lechuza Color: Charcoal

This product can provide a living screen that not only partitions the room but also shares your passion for creating an extraordinary presentation. No matter where you decide to place it, you can always slide it to the left or right at any time thanks to a pair of concealed rollers. This self-watering planter is equipped with a water reservoir and gauge, which indicates when it’s time to refill - taking the guesswork out of plant care and extending the time between watering. Water is conveyed directly to the roots of your plants by a unique funnel system which keeps the topsoil surface area dry. When used indoors, these dry surface areas effectively reduce gnats and fungi. Also included with this planter is Lechuza’s specially-formulated plant substrate, this product which separates your potting soil from the water reservoir aerates the roots, provides your plants with nutrition and helps regulate the water supplied to your plants. Lechuza Color: Charcoal