Lark Manor

Ilian 8 oz. Porcelain Rose Chintz 4 Piece Tea Cup and Saucer Assorted Set Lark Manor

Offer a touch of classic refined style to your morning breakfast or weekend tea time with this lovely porcelain cup and saucer set. Featuring four lovely tea cups with matching saucers, this design adds a touch of timeless whimsy to your tablescape. Let their charming floral designs bring a dash of pattern to your kitchen table, then add in a muted, ivory-toned faux peony bouquet with a burlap-wrapped ceramic pot to bring a cottage twist into your space. For a timeless twist to your beverage center, let this set sit on a floating wood shelf above the French press and electric kettle, then arrange canisters of coffee beans and loose leaf tea to round out the ensemble. Lark Manor