Labell Boards

Labell Boards L12080 Canadian Cutting Board with Groove/Steak Plate, 8x12x3/4", Maple

Labell Boards are made from premium Canadian recovered hardwoods and are produced with the highest production standards. With the new abilities in wood manufacturing we have the Capacity to take this raw material, otherwise disposed of, and turn it into these culinary works of art. All our products are made with Canadian Maple because Maple has a natural enzyme which neutralizes bacteria. This makes Maple the safest surface for food preparation. Upon purchase of your board, it is preferable to thoroughly apply warm mineral oil all over. Let the oil penetrate and then remove the surplus. Repeat this treatment every 4-5 times you clean your board. Wash with warm water and a small amount of dish soap, rinse lightly, then dry the board standing on it's side. Do not immerse completely in water or wash using a dishwasher.