La Pastiche

La Pastiche Yonkers, 1916 with Opulent Framed Oil Painting, 33" x 29", Multi-Color

20"X 24" High Quality Canvas Print As part of our growing Artist Become collection, this piece was hand-picked by our staff to showcase the innovative style and technique of one of today's finest artists. In partnership with the online creative community at, we hope to match each customer with fresh and independent creative voices. In providing up-and-coming artists with a global platform for displaying and selling their work, overstockArt remains dedicated to supporting the growth of worldwide art and culture from the ground up. The natural complement to our affordable pricing rests in the democratization of success within the art world - the free, flexible, and easy-to-use system at allows these incredible individuals to see their hard work appreciated by art lovers everywhere. Frame Description: Verona Gold Braid Frame