Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon 28300 3-Piece Wave Dish Rack Set

Kuhn Rikon 28300 3-Piece Wave Dish Rack Set. Set out your clean dishes to dry with this Kuhn Rikon three-piece wave dish rack set and spend less time drying by hand. Stack your dishes in the rack, which features different widths of slots, and utilize the four-part utensil container to easily access your silverware. The wave and angle of the drying mat lets water drain quickly while keeping the mat dry, reducing the drying time of your dishes. This versatile set can be arranged in the way that works best for you and your kitchen. Features: Dish rack and Cutlery Container can be positioned anywhere on the mat. Different widths of slots in the rack ensure a secure hold for different sizes of dishware The utensil container has four sections and sloping sides to easily access cutlery and utensils Suitable for kitchens with limited storage space Easy to store, all parts are separate and can be stored in any configuration The dish rack set contains: 1 Dish Rack 1 Cutlery Container 1 Drying Mat