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Kosas Home A30074764Z Everett Hand-Loomed Jute Area Rug, Silver/Bleach

A telltale trait of the Kosas Home hand loomed Everett rug is its unique textured pattern, hand loomed by craftsmen who are dedicated to bringing out the full potential of the natural materials. These artisans utilize 100% jute fibers that have natural anti-static qualities, and handcraft every rug so each is a bit different and all the more endearing. Each Kosas Home rug is handwoven and unique, with a slightly different color and pattern. This is natural due to variations that occur in wool and other fibers, and the handcrafted nature of our products. As such, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the product photo, which is limited in color due to technology and may vary due to screen and printer settings. Rest assured that while your Handmade rug from Kosas Home rugs may look slightly different than the image, this merely means the piece is one-of-a-kind… just like your home.