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Kosas Home A30025770Z Elegante Hand-Woven Shag Area Rug, Ivory

Cotton, wool, and polyester blend flawlessly in this feathery rug that’s sturdily hand-woven yet Oh so soft to the touch. A handcrafted piece as unique as your décor, the elegante shag by Kosas Home rugs is sure to add a little warmth to your bedroom or living room floor. Its neutral color compliments a wide range of cool and warm palettes and Preserves the tranquility of indoor spaces. Indulgently soft to the touch and understated, the simple design and muted color exude a quiet simplicity. The rectangular shape works well in a variety of settings as the Handmade rug functions to preserve flooring from wear and tear. The elegante shag by Kosas Home rugs is a hand-woven artifact you can be proud to own; the all-natural materials are environmentally conscious as well. Each Kosas Home rug is hand-woven and unique, with a slightly different color and pattern. This is natural due to variations that occur in wool and other fibers, and the handcrafted nature of our products. As such, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the product photo, which is limited in color due to technology and may vary due to screen and printer settings. Rest assured that while your Handmade rug from Kosas Home rugs may look slightly different than the image, this merely means the piece is one-of-a-kind… just like your home.