Koncept Z-Bar Slim Desk Lamp, Power Outlet Base, USB, Warm White Light

When the classic Z-Bar is too big and the Z-Bar Mini is too small, Z-Bar Slim will be just right for your space. Modeled in the classic Z-Bar style, the slightly smaller. Slim is a midsize Z-Bar model that contains all of the great functionality of the classic Z-Bar. The Z-Bar collection broke the mold for desk and floor lamp design and introduced the world to Koncept’s contemporary stylings. Our designers tossed away the bulb-and-shade for a flexible, streamlined design that contained LEDs and three simple bars. Add intuitive on/off functionality with a dimming option and the rest, as they say, is history. With several sizes to choose from, there’s a Z-Bar for every need. The Z-Bar Slim has 35 LEDs that consume only 8.5 Watts of power. The touch on / off and dimming switch lets you set the light at the exact brightness you want with just a swipe of the finger! Choose from either 3,500 K or 4,500 color temperature LED modules. This light features aPower Outlet Base with USB with a Silver finish, and aWarm White light.