Koko Company

Koko Company 91573 Match Co- Pillow, 13"x20", Cotton, Bicycle Print, Ecru, Black

Hands down, Koko Company designs the most unique modern bedding and pillows. An exquisite array of shapes and colors mixes seamlessly to create bold styles and motifs that are unrivaled by any other designer. These are unique individualistic pieces that you will be sure to enjoy for years to come.Among Koko Company's unique design characteristics are exquisite, saturated colors and the frequent us of embroidered detailing throughout the line. Not only does the Koko Company line feature a unique design aesthetic, the line is also superb in its quality. Koko Company's use of natural fibers and no hard elements such as buttons or zippers embodies the spirit of both design and comfort.Scrapbook of vintage match boxes.Construction Material: cotton