Koby Feldmos

Parrot Painting 40" Anima Bird Oil Painting of Beautiful Brazilian Parrot, Natural Calming colors, Original & Handmade, By Koby Feldmos

ABOUT THIS PAINTINGThis painting’s journey begins with elegant, black spray that dictates for me the way of the birds. In the painting titled “The Love Birds”, there are two love birds symbolizing monogamous relationship, since they are among the only creatures in nature that live in couples. Colorfulness, Art Nouveau style and abstractness that is hinted at bring together a calming, delicate piece of art that reminds us of love, dreams, and peacefulness in each of our everyday lives. DETAILS* Name: Samba Parrots* Painter: Koby Feldmos* Size: 40" 30" (100 X 75 cm)* Original handmade oil painting on canvas* Shipping: rolled in a tube * Original handmade oil painting on canvas* Style: Modern, Contemporary* Certification of Authenticity attached THIS PAINTING IS SOLDYour painting will be created very similar in same style, color and size. After you order, I will start to create your painting within 2-3 days. I will finish it within 7-8 days. Then, I will send you an image of the painting for your acceptance. You can cancel the order and get a full money refund at any time.