Stainless Steel Countertop Dish Rack KitchenAid

This dish rack is uniquely designed with an exterior utensil rack and one open side to provide more drying space for dishes and to accommodate larger, longer items. The wire frame body is made of rust-resistant, stainless steel with a soft-touch coating that prevents scratches and chips on dinnerware and enamel cookware, and features slots to keep items in place while drying, including an extra-wide slot for a frying pan or cutting board. The plastic flatware caddy has 3 compartments for organizing and separating flatware from cooking utensils and is detachable so it can be carried directly to a drawer when it is time to put flatware away. An angled drain board underneath the unit directs water into the sink so it never pools up, and the soft feet keep the dish rack from damaging countertops and prevent it from moving while loading and unloading. Durable, high-quality stainless steel side panels give the dish rack a premium design element and add an upscale look to any kitchen. KitchenAid