Vitamix Has Everything You Need to Make a Tasty Açaí Bowl (and More)

If açaí bowls are making their way onto your weekly menu, we're here to help you make them with minimal mess and cleanup. Lucky for you, Vitamix has everything you need for single, on-the-go, and family-size servings of these tasty bowls.

Why Choose Vitamix?

If you're new to açaí bowls you might be wondering what makes them so special and how they're different than a traditional smoothie bowl. Although both are delicious treats, smoothies are liquid-based drinks you can usually sip from a straw, whereas açaí bowls have a thick, creamy sorbet-like consistency that includes a small amount of açaí powder (mashed from the Brazilian fruit, açaía palm) and are best eaten with a spoon. This ingredient is high in antioxidants and packs a lot of benefits into your fruity meal, like helping your overall heart health and reducing your risk of heart disease by improving blood flow. Now that your mouth is watering, add the Vitamix Blending Bowls Starter Kit to your cart so you can make one for yourself, without making a mess of your kitchen.

The five-piece kit was practically made for açaí bowls and comes with everything you'll need, including a small blending base, two eight-ounce bowls, and stackable lids. Each container is made with BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe. Plus, the blender base features self-detect technology that automatically changes its settings to accommodate the appropriate portion size. Yes, that means it's interchangeable with other Vitamix accessories like the 20-ounce travel cup, which allows you to take your açaí bowls on the go. Simply fill your bowl (or travel cup) with your desired ingredients like frozen fruit, almond milk, a few ice cubes, and açaí powder, attach the blender base, and the stainless steel blades will blend everything into a smooth consistency in seconds. Then, you can eat your treat right away without adding another dirty dish to your sink.

If you want to make enough to have leftovers throughout the week, or need a blender large enough to make açaí bowls for the whole family, Vitamix has you covered for that, too. Add the Pro750 Blender to your collection of small appliances and you'll be able to crush ice and other hard ingredients until they're velvety smooth.

Don't worry: We won't leave you hanging without a delicious recipe to try. Just add a tablespoon of açaí powder to this Martha Stewart recipe and you'll enjoy the sweet, fruity taste with loads of nutritional benefits. Your tastebuds will be craving seconds.