This Is the Top-Rated Cast Iron Pan at Sur La Table, According to Customer Reviews

Whether you're frying bacon for breakfast or baking a casserole for dinner, this Staub cast iron pan from Sur La Table has you covered.

Why You Need the Staub Heritage All-Day Cast Iron Pan

If you're looking for a versatile addition to your kitchen, Staub's Heritage pan, otherwise known as the "everything pan," is one to consider. Available at Sur La Table, the multi-use cast iron pan has earned a five-star rating with more than a hundred positive reviews, largely due to the fact that it can serve as your skillet, sauté pan, roaster, gratin, baker, serving dish, and more. One reviewer says, "The size is perfect for everything from Sunday breakfast to main dishes for guests. The fact that it's cast iron yet lightweight and easy to clean makes this my go-to pan most every day."

Best of all, this pan is available in four colors (black, gray, red, and blue) and is ready to use as soon as it arrives. That's right: No seasoning necessary! Thanks to its durable enamel finish, the pan resists scratches, rust, chips, and discoloration. Other features that customers rave about are the curved handles and dome glass lid. The handles are easy to grip, making transfers from the stove to your dinner table hassle-free, while the clear lid allows you to check on your food as it's cooking without taking it out of the oven.

You'll use this pan for everything from baking treats like huckleberry cobbler to preparing large meals for family gatherings. This customer says, "The large size makes it so useful for cooking a whole chicken or making a large batch of pasta sauce. I love the added benefit of the enamel surface and having a lid." It's oven safe up to 500 degrees, can be stored in the freezer if you have leftovers, and is dishwasher safe to make cleanup fast and easy. What's not to love about the Staub Heritage Pan?

Staub "Heritage" Pan with Domed Glass Lid, $260,