Six Kitchen Organizers That Will Transform Your Space Into a Clutter-Free Zone

An organized kitchen with modern décor

It's no secret that keeping your kitchen clean and organized can be a challenge, especially while juggling a busy schedule. That's why we've curated a list of stylish kitchen organizers that'll help declutter your space without disrupting your décor.

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Acacia Wood Spice Rack

Instead of dedicating precious cabinet space to seasonings, opt for this spice rack. It's made from durable acacia wood and features a three-in-one design that can be mounted on the wall, freestanding on your countertop, or tucked away in a drawer. Plus, it comes complete with 18 glass jars that are labeled and filled with popular spices. And when you run out, the set includes a five-year free refill offer. ($60;

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Sinkware caddy with four suction cups and ventilation holes photo

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Sinkware Caddy

If you're not sure where to put your wet cleaning supplies (that is, without having to wipe up a watery mess on the counter later), this sink caddy might be your solution—and it's backed by nearly 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Along with a silicone pop-out brush holder and sponge rack, it features four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger that ensures a no-slip grip on the side of your sink. It keeps your tools out of the way and off your countertops while small drainage holes at the base allow proper ventilation so they dry quicker. ($17;

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Five-tier organizer for pots and pans photo

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Pot and Pan Organizer

Long gone are the days of digging through your cabinet to find the one piece of cookware you need. Thanks to this pot and pan organizer you can efficiently stack your cookware so it's easier to grab what you're looking for. It can be stored upright or on its side, and holds all the essentials including pots, pans, lids, or even baking sheets. Plus, it's less than $10, so you really can't go wrong. ($9;

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Rattan caddy for holding cutlery and condiments photo

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Flatware Caddy

It's time to ditch your drawer organizer and transition to this flatware caddy instead. Not only does it make for beautiful tabletop décor, but it also frees up space in your kitchen for other things you want to keep tucked away. It's made with natural rattan and features three slots for forks, knives, and spoons, plus a large compartment on the back for cloth napkins or condiments. Keep it on display in your dining room or bring it outside before hosting your next outdoor barbecue. ($21, usually $35;

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Cabinet organizer for holding foil, plastic wrap, and more photo

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Onyx Wrap Organizer

There isn't really a convenient way to store wax paper, tin foil, or plastic wrap—until now. This wrap organizer will be a total game changer in your kitchen and might make you wonder how you've lived this long without it. It's unique wire design can hold up to four boxes of wrap and hardly takes up any space at all. You can mount it on a wall or the back of a cabinet door where it's easy to find yet out of the way. ($19;

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White two-tier wire baskets with a handle at the top photo

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Two-Tier Basket

Rather than flood the countertop with an overflowing fruit bowl this two-tier wire basket can tastefully corral the produce. Its compact, breathable design keeps fruits and vegetables in one convenient place while also allowing your them to ripen properly. Store apples or bananas in the top basket where it's easy to grab as an afternoon snack, and save the bottom tier for larger produce. ($30;

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