Seven Essentials for Creating Healthy, Easy, and Affordable Meals This Year

Eating healthier this new year doesn't have to be expensive. These must-have items from The Home Depot will help you create easy, nutritious meals on any budget.

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Black Kalorik air fryer from The Home Depot photo

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Kalorik Air Fryer

Instead of quitting fried food cold turkey, ease yourself into healthier eating by swapping deep-fried treats for air-fried goodies. An air fryer gives your french fries, vegetables, chicken, and more that crispy texture you love while allowing you to ditch the unhealthy oils and fats they're typically associated with. And since this fryer can grill, bake, fry, or roast a wide variety of foods, you might never have a reason to turn on your oven again. ($100;

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Ninja blender and food processor set from The Home Depot photo

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender and Food Processor

Smoothies are an excellent (and delicious!) way to sneak more fruits and leafy greens into your diet. This Ninja blender makes doing so simple, crushing ice and frozen fruit with ease and allowing you to take your shake anywhere you go with the help of the convenient travel cups. And since this set comes with a food processor, chopping up heart-healthy nuts and kneading homemade bread dough is now an option, too. ($160;

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George Foreman indoor grill from The Home Depot photo

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George Foreman Smokeless Nonstick Grill

Grilling isn't strictly a summertime activity. With this George Foreman smokeless indoor grill, you can expertly grill veggies, turkey burgers, and fruit on a non-stick, grease-draining surface. And once your food is done, cleanup is as simple as loading the grill plate into the dishwasher—no harsh scrubbing necessary. ($80;

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Silver electric wok from The Home Depot photo

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Presto Electric Wok

Stir fry dishes are a simple, healthy, and delicious meal you can make at home, and they've never been easier to prepare than they are with this electric wok. Its high-quality stainless steel construction heats up quickly to expertly sear your meat and vegetables, and it even includes a wood spatula designed specifically to work with the shape of the wok. We suggest prepping a week's worth of meals at once so you're never without a healthy dish come dinnertime. ($70;

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Black Magic Chef pressure cooker from The Home Depot photo

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Magic Chef Multifunction Pressure Cooker

Preparing healthy dishes becomes a breeze when you have the help of a multifunction pressure cooker, like this one from Magic Chef. With 14 presets and a six-quart capacity, you can cook rice, simmer stew, steam vegetables, and more with just the press of a button. We recommend utilizing the slow cooker function to prep dinner during the day so it's ready whenever you are later that night. ($65, usually $100;

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Silver and black Cuisinart juicer from The Home Depot photo

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Cuisinart Pulp Control Cold Press Juicer

Once reserved for trendy (read: expensive) health food shops, juices are now a bit more mainstream—but as their popularity goes up, their price hasn't necessarily come down. Break your expensive juice habit with the help of this at-home juicer, which allows you to press your own fruits and vegetables every morning. Bonus: Since it comes with adjustable pulp settings, everyone in your household can enjoy fresh juice exactly how they like it. ($30;

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Set of LavoHome kitchen tools from The Home Depot photo

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LavoHome 12-in-1 Multi-Use Tool

Gone are the days of finding a healthy meal on Pinterest, only to discover you don't have the tools to make it. With this all-in-one set you can slice, dice, chop, and more by simply swapping out the included attachments. And since the base is a container, you can easily store leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, without dirtying any additional tupperware. ($26;

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