Six Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Needs for Easier and More Efficient Meal Prep

Different kitchen utensils on a marble counter

Whether you're cooking a full-course meal or simply making a snack, meal prepping is easier and more enjoyable when you have the right tools at the ready. From an organized knife set to a tabletop citrus press, these kitchen essentials will make your meal prepping a breeze.

Wood knife set with scissors and measuring cups from Macy's photo

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30-Piece Cutlery Set

Every kitchen needs a knife set, but with the 30-Piece Cutlery Set by Martha Stewart Essentials you'll get that and so much more. This extensive set features over 10 essential knives and an array of other crucial cooking utensils, like a set of measuring cups and even a handy can opener. Prepare a roasted chicken for your guests using the knife set, then cook and serve a delicious side mushroom pasta with the help of the included slotted spoon and pasta fork. With so many utensils to choose from, this charming all-in-one cutlery set will make meal prep easier, while also looking great next to your stove top. ($35, usually $70;

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Matte Black Over the Sink Board

Dicing up vegetables and fruit can be a messy job, especially when you're working with limited surface space. Instead of taking up precious room on your island, move the cutting board to your sink with the Epicurean Matte Black Over the Sink Board. This sleek board has a convenient hole for leftover food disposal and fits nicely over most sinks. Chop up carrots and celery for a homemade stew and when you're finished, push your root ends into your sink's garbage disposal for a quick and convenient cleanup. ($69;

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Tabletop Citrus Press

Fresh fruit juice is seconds away thanks to this heavy-duty tabletop citrus press. In addition to quickly creating delicious lemon or grapefruit juice, the press will also look great against practically any countertop backsplash. ($50, usually $80;

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16-Piece Gadget Set

Whether you're trying to fill your stove-side crock or simply diversifying your kitchen utensils, this 16-piece gadget set has your cooking needs covered. Create a homemade pizza using the can opener for the sauce, the scraper spatula for the freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and the pizza wheel for slicing and sharing your creation. You'll enjoy experimenting with your favorite recipes using this polished and versatile set. ($40;

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Onion and Garlic Chopper

Thanks to this covered chopper, you'll never shed another tear while dicing onions. It features a removable lid that helps prevent watery eyes and makes for easy cleanup. This useful contraption can chop not one, but two cups of raw onion which you can bag up and use throughout the week. One Amazon reviewer recommends cutting full onions into quarters before using this gadget for consistent results. ($21, usually $30;

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Kitchen Knives Set

Get playful with your kitchen accessories thanks to the bright and cheerful Zooey Kitchen Knives set. This set of three has a perfect 5-star rating from happy Anthropologie customers and we can see why. The dishwasher-safe, eye-catching stainless steel design will last through plenty of meal preps—up to six months and counting, says one reviewer. Not only are these knives pretty, but they work great, too. Plus, with a different design on each blade, it'll be easy to decide which knife works best for what produce. ($24 for a set of three;

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