The Essential Guide to KitchenAid Attachments

Your KitchenAid mixer can help you do a whole lot more than make batter and dough. These attachments transform it into a juicer, food processor, pasta press, and more. Get the most out of your mixer with these must-have attachments.

Red KitchenAid mixer with pasta attachment making pasta photo

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Pasta Press

Make fresh pasta from scratch with this easy-to-use attachment. It's able to perfectly form six different pasta shapes, including spaghetti, rigatoni, and both large and small macaroni. It even has a built-in wire cutter, so you can effortlessly cut the pasta to your desired length with minimal mess. ($225;

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For a low-carb pasta option, check out this spiralizer attachment. It slices, peels, and cores fruits and vegetables like zucchini, apples, and carrots. With nine combinations, there's a blade for all of your spiralizing needs. ($125;

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Food Grinder

From making meatballs and bread crumbs to your very own homemade sausage links, this attachment is an essential for the adventurous home chef. With multiple grinding plates and sausage-stuffing tubes, it's all you need to make tasty, protein-packed meals in your kitchen. Bonus: The kit includes a cleaning brush and storage case for easy upkeep. ($125;

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KitchenAid mixer with food processor attachment with four processing blades in front photo

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Food Processor

Sure, you could buy another small kitchen appliance that meets your food processing needs, but it's bound to take up valuable counter space. That's why we suggest buying an attachment that turns your mixer into a food processor. It easily shreds, dices, juliennes, and slices almost any type of food you want. With multiple blades and a lever to adjust slicing thickness, this attachment just might be the handiest tool in your kitchen. ($250;

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Turn fruits and vegetables into fresh, delicious juice (without the added sugar) with the help of this handy attachment. Three pulp screens mean you can customize your juice to your liking, while its masticating function extracts the maximum nutrients from your produce. Its extra-wide feed tube is able to break down soft, hard, and leafy ingredients in a snap. ($225;

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