KINGSO 33ft Micro Drip Irrigation System Kit Home Garden Patio Micro Flow Drip Irrigation Misting Cooling System Plastic Mist Nozzle Sprinkler Micro Bubbler

Description: This sprinkler is for outdoor misting cooling system with 10 plastic mist nozzle sprinklers assorted kit. The nozzle adopt eddy design and built-in filter to prevent clogging Removable nozzle for easy cleaning Great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation. Specifications: 1. Material: High quality plastic and rubber 2. Color: Black 3. Mist particles 70 microns 4. Flow rate: 6.7-7 L/Hour 5. Spray diameter: 0.8m 6. Hose Length: 10m Package Included : 1 x 10m 4/7'' PE Hose 1 x Faucet Connector 1 x Garden Hose Quick Socket 9 x Plastic Mister Nozzle (tee) 1 x Plastic Mister Nozzle (end)