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Vanilla Bean Incense, 20 per pack

Vanilla is mainly used for love spells, but it can also be used for luck, success, energy restoration, magical power, and mental strength. I'm not too sure about all that hype, but I do know that this is a nice vanilla scent that closely resembles the vanilla in your own kitchen cabinet. Hand-dipped incense sticks are handmade with only the finest fragrance oils to ensure you receive only the best possible quality. These can be used to scent your home or to use for spiritual or religious ceremonies. We allow them to soak for 48 hours before laying them out to dry. On average, burn time is approximately 45 - 60 minutes for each stick! 11 inch punk sticks come 20 per pack (all in one scent). THESE ARE HANDMADE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE Please allow up to 7 business days for me make. Thank You. Incense comes labeled and packaged in a zip-lock bag.