Kichler Oak Trail 12-Volt Outdoor Chandelier

Features an Olde Bronze finish. Elegant hanging fixture for outdoor dining. Constructed from durable brass. Requires nine 11.4-watt wedge T5 bulbs (not included). UL-listed and traditional in style. The Kichler Oak Trail 12-Volt Outdoor Chandelier combines the sophistication of a formal dining room with the durability of outdoor living. It's even suitable for wet locations. This simple and elegant design allows you to extend your living space to the outdoors. You've worked hard to make your patio and garden area beautiful. You should be able to enjoy it! Constructed from brass, the frame of this traditional-style hanging fixture features an Olde Bronze finish. The eight beige glass candle shades with clear tops are designed to provide a warm glow. Dimensions are 26W x 23H inches. This single-tier chandelier is UL-listed and utilizes a photo cell timer switch. It requires nine 11.4-watt wedge T5 light bulbs, which are not included.Installing landscape lighting is easy, but keep in mind that it requires more than just the lighting fixtures. Landscape lighting systems also require:Transformer - The transformer is the power supply for your fixtures. It plugs into a standard household 110v outlet. The total lamp wattage of all fixtures connected to a transformer must be less than the capacity of the transformer. To determine which transformer you need, add up the wattage of all lamps and add 10% more as a safety factor. Example: If you're installing five light fixtures rated at 20 watts each, you will need a transformer that can accommodate at least 110 watts.(TRANSFORMER SIZE = TOTAL WATTAGE OF LAMPS x 1.1)Cable - This is the electrical wire that runs from your transformer to your individual light fixtures. Determine the length of cable needed by measuring the distance from the outlet to the farthest fixture location. Adding branches of cable is recommended for lights that are not located in a straight line from the transformer to the farthest fixture, so include the length of cable that branches off the main line. Remember: always leave a couple extra feet of cable per fixture for potential repositioning.Cable Length Chart New to landscape Lighting? Click here to learn more!See compatible transformers & cable for this lighting fixture below (scroll down).Kichler QualitySince 1938, Cleveland-based Kichler Lighting has been known for their innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship. Kichler is the world's leading decorative lighting fixture company and the winner of four ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year awards. Kichler designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in exterior and interior style, colors, and designs. They then translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure, and light into your home. Kichler fixtures stand the test of time and are functional works of art that you're sure to treasure - 15402OZ. read more