Kentucky - Ode to Home State Dish Towel

Bring your home state's natural beauty into your own home with this charming dish towel. Whimsical illustrations and playful poems using the state nickname are an ode to the landscapes, plants, animals, and special details that make it unique. From California's majestic redwoods and dramatic Joshua trees, to Florida's manatees and orange groves, celebrate the place that has your heart with sentimental style. We've designed the towel so that you can hang it with either the poem or illustration side facing out. Made of durable, 100% cotton. Illustrations by Sandra Dumais. Poems by Martin Geller. Made in Brooklyn, New York. Click here to see our Ode to Home State Pillow, here to see our Ode to Home State Tote and here to see our Ode to Home State Art.