Kate Chesters Art

Drinks Coasters with Blue Gold Bronze Resin Art

This blue, bronze and gold coastal drinks mat set is ideal for injecting a fusion of colour to your home decor. ∙ Order from the drop down menu how many coasters you would like. ∙ Coasters are 10x10cm. ∙ The resin art on your placemats may be slightly different to the images shown. Each placemat is decorated by hand, therefore, no two mats are identical. ∙ To care for your placemat set wipe with a damp cloth after use. ∙ I have decorated these placemats using epoxy resin (ArtResin) which is non-toxic and certified as food safe. T U R N ∙ A R O U N D ∙ T I M E ∙ I will despatch your order within 2 working days. Thank you so much ♥ ∙ K A T E ∙