Kasia Wojcik - Bold 01 Goldplated Necklace

BOLD by Kasia Wojcik is an exceptional collection of jewelry which makes its owner stand out of the crowd and highlights their style and character. The precision with which it is made by hand in the designer's Warsaw studio is a guarantee that these are the world's finest precious little treasures. This necklace will be a delicate detail complementing your image. Material: Sterling silver plated with 24-carat gold My hand-made jewelry is created to be worn with pleasure, but please, make sure to pay attention to how fragile it is. Remember about some basic rules to enjoy it for a long time. Make sure to store the jewelry in a closed case which will protect it from all the external factors. Also, take the jewelry off before taking bath or shower and avoid its contact with chemicals, perfumes or creams, and before going to bed or other activities. Active agents and other ingredients of beauty and cleaning supplies can harm the delicate surface, whereas intensive physical activity e.g. gym workout, gardening, etc.) may result in deformation or mechanical damage. Gold gilded pieces can only be treated with a special polishing cloth, added (free of charge) to your order.