Woodrow Modern Box Ottoman, Premium Fabric Upholstery & Walnut, Neptun

Clever, fresh & inspired by the 1950's modernist movement. The Woodrow Box Ottoman is now available to match and/or complement your other pieces. You do not need to own the matching Woodrow Chair or Sofa to add this ottoman in your collection. This piece can stand alone as a great addition to your mid-century modern decor. The American Walnut full wood frame brings a natural, organic and warm feel to the Woodrow Box Ottoman. The wood elements introduce a sophistication to mid-century modernism design. Using traditional wood joinery, leather stitching & button tufting methods, the Ottoman construction is today as it was then. Woodrow is tufted & upholstered with our top grain premium aniline soft leather. This highly functional widely recognized chair is frequently used as an occasional seating chair in both casual and formal settings. -Style: Woodrow Box Ottoman -Cushion: Multi-density low profile Dacron wrapped foam cushions - Seat Upholstery: Plush Velvet Premium: 85% Cotton, 15% Nylon - Button Upholstery: Plush Velvet Premium - Body: Genuine American Walnut Veneer wood - Finish: 3 coats of UV cured Polyurethane - Fasteners: Traditional wood dowel joinery - Wood Preparation: Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content - Wood Preparation: 3 step sanded. Coarse medium and fine grit -Dimensions: Height 17" x Depth 30.12" x Width 35.4" -Leg Type: Wood stiletto 8" tall -Leg Design: Accent w/ Metal capped in Copper for a truly mid-century modern look -Feature: The entire Chair is stitched and crafted by handAbout Plush Velvet Premium:Velvet in general is a soft pile fabric that has been woven since the beginning of the middle ages. It is soft to the touch with a distinctive nap. It is woven on a loom unique to velvet fabrics. Often used on modern furniture where a clean appearance is desired, Micro-velvet is a form of a standard velvet fabric. The micro-velvet variety is considered a lower maintenance fabric. It features a low nap which reduces the light and dark variation of a traditional crushed velvet. The fabric is durable, forms well with curve & tufting work. It features a warm appearance and a soft to the touch surface. Velvet as a term refers to the fabric style not the fabric content. Velvets are made from a variety of fabric types. read more