Woodrow Midcentury Modern Box Loveseat, Mink Seat, Walnut Base

This 1950's modernist reproduction looks amazing from the front, the back and the sides, thus an exceptional choice for defining or dividing up larger spaces. The American Walnut full wood frame brings a natural, organic and warm feel to the Woodrow Box Loveseat. The wood elements introduce a sophistication to mid-century modernism design. The straight wooden frame will probably scare off many loungers. Don't let the straight solid appearance of the wood frame fool you. The Woodrow Box Loveseat features an ample, supple and comfortable seat cushion. The back is soft and supportive with a precise angled lean-back designed for a comfortable lounging experience. The tall and thin spindle legs keep the Woodrow Box Loveseat elevated high above the ground. Using traditional wood joinery, stitching & button tufting methods, the Loveseat construction is today as it was then. Woodrow is tufted & upholstered with our premium upholstery fabric. This highly functional widely recognized chair is frequently used as an occasional seating chair in both casual and formal settings. -Style: Woodrow Box Loveseat -Cushion: Multi-density low profile Dacron wrapped foam cushions - Seat Upholstery: Plush Velvet Premium: 50% Cashmere Wool, 50% Synthetic Fiber - Button Upholstery: Plush Velvet Premium - Body: Genuine American Walnut Veneer wood - Finish: 3 coats of UV cured Polyurethane - Fasteners: Traditional wood dowel joinery - Wood Preparation: Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content - Wood Preparation: 3 step sanded. Coarse medium and fine grit -Dimensions: Height 27.5" x Depth 31.5" x Width 71" -Dimension: Floor to seat height 17" -Dimension:: Floor to arm height 27.5" -Leg Type: Wood stiletto 8" tall -Leg Design: Accent w/ Metal capped in Copper for a truly mid-century modern look Feature: The entire Loveseat is stitched and crafted by handAbout Plush Velvet Premium:Velvet in general is a soft pile fabric that has been woven since the beginning of the middle ages. It is soft to the touch with a distinctive nap. It is woven on a loom unique to velvet fabrics. Often used on modern furniture where a clean appearance is desired, Micro-velvet is a form of a standard velvet fabric. The micro-velvet variety is considered a lower maintenance fabric. It features a low nap which reduces the light and dark variation of a traditional crushed velvet. The fabric is durable, forms well with curve & tufting work. It features a warm appearance and a soft to the touch surface. Velvet as a term refers to the fabric style not the fabric content. Velvets are made from a variety of fabric types. read more