Lucille Midcentury Modern Classic Sofa, Juniper Velvet

Quality ingredients not typically available at this price point. Notice the heft of the seat cushion? The Kardiel reproduction of this mid century modern icon features heavy down feather overstuffed cushions you can sink into. An original metal Sinuous no sag "S Coil" suspension system encased in high density foam was selected for the seat platform of Lucilie. Adding flair, the splay base is narrower where it meets the floor, has a higher degree of outward angle. For stylizing effects the length of the leg has been extended approximately 1" further than a typical splay design. A hand crafted solid kiln dried hardwood frame features metal and dowel joinery methods. Whether placed in the center of the room or with its back to the wall, the solid gently curved varnished wood undercarriage adds the element of handcrafted artisan design. The wooden mid century modern flair leg is the perfect option for suspending Lucille's frame from the floor. The degree of leg flair angle was carefully measured staying authentic to this original 1950's design feature. The timeless splayed leg design with the correct degree of outward angle pulls all of Lucille's modernism features together capturing the true feeling of the period.* Style: Mid-Century Modern Classic Sofa* Hardwood Frame: Kiln Dried Solid hardwood frame* Seat Platform: Metal Sinuous No Sag "S Coil" Suspension System Encased In High Density Foam* Upgraded Comfort: Down Feather stuffed cushions you can sink into* Seat Cushion Style: Removable seat cushions features rear zipper* Cushion feature: 2-piece expansive length seat cushions* Stitch Edge Type: Matching streamlined piping* Tufting Type: Single back row button tufting* Fabric Type: Plush Velvet Premium* Fabric Content: 85% Cotton, 15% Nylon* Back Style: 2-piece expansive length back cushions* Leg Design: Solid varnished wood undercarriage with splayed legs* Leg Type: Wood stiletto splayed 6.3_ tall* Dimensions: Height 33.5" x Depth 35.5" x Width 90"* Dimension: Floor to seat height 17.7"* Dimension: Floor to arm height 26"* Feature: The entire sofa is stitched and crafted by hand* Feature: Comes standard with floor protection caps on legsAbout Plush Velvet Premium:Velvet in general is a soft pile fabric that has been woven since the beginning of the middle ages. It is soft to the touch with a distinctive nap. It is woven on a loom unique to velvet fabrics. Often used on modern furniture where a clean appearance is desired, Micro-velvet is a form of a standard velvet fabric. The micro-velvet variety is considered a lower maintenance fabric. It features a low nap which reduces the light and dark variation of a traditional crushed velvet. The fabric is durable, forms well with curve & tufting work. It features a warm appearance and a soft to the touch surface. Velvet as a term refers to the fabric style not the fabric content. Velvets are made from a variety of fabric types. read more