Kardiel Jackie Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofa, Charcoal, Material: Cashmere,

Whether your Mid Mod design approach is the 60's themed "Mad Men" or the classic "I love Lucy", Jackie's profile will take you there. Perhaps you are in search of the midcentury icon that is large enough for real life. Jackie is designed to effortlessly perform mixed roles, whether you are curling up your legs for some comfortable reading time or formally hosting in black. An expansive profile is achieved by using 2 wider plump overstuffed smooth surface seat cushions without button tufting. An original metal Sinuous no sag "S Coil" suspension system encased in high density foam was selected for the seat platform of Jackie. A continuous horizontal bottom seat rail curves at each end rolling upward and outward into vertical flaring arms framing the Sofa with continuity. A fixed cushioned low profile single piece back features one row of period correct blind tufting. Perhaps the base of Jackie is the most telling detail of the design. Whether placed in the center of the room or with its back to the wall, the solid gently curved varnished wood undercarriage adds the element of handcrafted artisan design. The wooden mid century modern flair leg is the perfect option for suspending Jackie's frame from the floor. The degree of leg flair angle was carefully measured staying authentic to this original 1950's design feature. The timeless splayed leg design with the correct degree of outward angle splay pulls all of Jackie's modernism features together capturing the true feeling of the period. - Style: Mid-Century Modern Classic Sofa Sectional - Frame: Traditional hardwood box frame construction - Seat Platform: Metal Sinuous No Sag "S Coil" Suspension System Encased In High Density Foam - Upgraded Comfort: Down Feather stuffed cushions you can sink into - Seat Cushion Style: Removable seat cushions feature rear zippers - Cushion feature:2 piece expansive length seat cushions - Stitch Edge Type: Matching streamlined piping - Tufting Type: Single back row Blind tufting - Fabric Type: Tweed in a premium Cashmere Wool Blend: 50% Cashmere Wool, 50% Synthetic Fiber - Back Style: Fitted stationary single piece back - Design Feature: Solid varnished wood undercarriage with splayed legs - Overall Dimensions: Entire sectional; longest depth (front to back) 67"; full width (side to side) 101.25" - Dimensions: Sofa module: full width (side to side) 69.25"; full depth (front to back) 35.5" - Dimensions: Chaise module: full width (side to side) 32"; full depth (front to back) 67" - Dimension: Floor to seat height 17.7" - Dimension:: Floor to arm height 26" - Leg Type: Wood stiletto splayed 6.3" tall - Feature: The entire sofa is stitched and crafted by hand - Feature: Comes standard with floor protection caps on legs - Feature: Matching loveseat (2 seat), armchair (1 seat) and ottoman are available to complete your look -Warranty: 3 year limited warrantyWhere Cashmere Wool comes from.Cashmere wool fiber is obtained from "Cashmere goats." Historically, fine-haired Cashmere goats have been called Capra hircus laniger, as if they were a subspecies of the domestic goat Capra Hircus. Cashmere goats produce a double fleece that consists of a fine, soft undercoat or under-down of hair mingled with a straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair called Guard Hair. For the fine under-down to be sold and processed further, it must be de-haired. De-hairing is a mechanical process that separates the coarse hairs from the fine hair. After this separating process the resulting premium "cashmere" is ready to be dyed and converted into yarn. read more