Jordi Jorda Aragay - LJS COLLECTION

Cold cast bronze sculpture, nude man lying on the floor

LYING MAN - Order Nr. 3858 - 11.2x4.4"height - 3.3 lb weight -This is a cold cast synthetic bronze sculpture.It is absolutely handmade with the best materials to guarantee its quality. The original was sculpted in clay by the sculptor and crafted in our workshop as a bronze sculpture with a real bronze surface over a composite core of resin and carbonated powder. Once patinated and finished it becomes a splendid art work that compares very well in appearance with a hot cast lost wax bronze piece. Signed by the Author and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. SHIPPING We will ship the sculpture by trusted carrier within 7-9 days after receiving payment of its price. WE ACCEPT REFUND OF ANY RETURNED SCULPTURE WITHIN 14 DAYS AFTER ITS RECEPTION, LESS THE SHIPPING COST. SELLER'S INFORMATION Jordi Jorda Aragay - JORDA ESCULTURA Cami del Mig, 80 Nau 5 08349 CABRERA DE MAR - Spain SCULPTOR'S BIOGRAPHY Born in Barcelona where he studied art and started work, Lluis Jorda is a sculptor well rooted in the artistic traditions of his Mediterranean motherland. He shows in his sculptures a great sensibility and his romantic character and following the steps of the great Catalan sculptors of the XIX and XX Centuries and, at the same time, incorporating the modern art tendencies he succeeds in creating fine works of both classical and contemporary characteristics. He has presented his works in Barcelona, Madrid, France, etc. And the reaction to his exhibitions was very positive. Many of his works are now in different private collections throughout Europe, Asia and America.