John Perry Studio

FOUR PELICAN MOBILE Sculpture from JOHN PERRY 6in wingspan Pellucida

These little Pelicans soar around each other in effortless grace. The wingspan of each bird is about 6 inches. They are molded in Pellucida, our proprietary compound of resins that is similar to bisque porcelain, but more durable. Three wire yokes are included, so that suspended from nearly invisible monofilament line, they appear to be soaring and move around each other with the slightest breath of air. Pellucida is quite translucent. Viewed under an overhead light the exquisite detailing of the feather and wing structure becomes visible. The mobile comes with a signed CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. SOME ASSEMBLY is required; the birds have to be attached to the wire yokes using the monofilament line provided. We recommend the yokes be as close to the point of attachment as possible so as not to interfere visually with the birds. The upper one should be connected to the point of attachment with a short piece of the monofilament line so that it can rotate freely. Then the next two yokes should be attached with short lengths of monofilament also. The 4 birds should then be attached so as to hang at the desired height in the room where they will be free to rotate in pairs around each other in an endlessly changing array. The angle/inclination of each bird may be adjusted by bending the wire on the back of each bird to which the monofilament is attached. Each can be made to climb, dive or tilt left or right, according to your taste. We usually ship very quickly, sometimes even the same day if the order comes in early, otherwise it is nearly always the next day, the exceptions being Mondays when, because of the number of orders coming in from the weekend, some orders may not get shipped until Tuesday.