Jillson Roberts

Jillson Roberts Bulk 240 Sheet-Count 20" x 30" Premium Printed Tissue Paper Available in 13 Designs, Bright Chevron

Jillson Roberts has a vast array of beautiful designer printed tissues to suit a variety of preferences from trendy to traditional and everything in between. Printed tissue is ideal for adding a colorful finishing touch to items presented in solid color bags, lining gift boxes and, in a pinch, is even pretty enough to use as impromptu gift wrap! Each bulk package contains 240 sheets measuring 20" x 30" that are designed to happily mix and match with Jillson Roberts gift wraps, wine and bottle bags, ribbons, crinkle shred, raffia and colorful curly bows to let your unique special occasion style shine. Jillson Roberts is proud to offer the largest, most comprehensive presentation of eclectic and environmentally sensitive paper products available on the market today; proof that one can, indeed, give beautifully and responsibly. They invite you to explore their fresh and innovative collections available on Amazon. HINT FOR GREAT-LOOKING TISSUE TOPPED BAGS: Place the gift in the bag first. Then, simply grab a section in the middle of a single tissue sheet, give it a brisk shake forward to fluff the corners upward and tuck it into the bag; grab, shake and repeat with each additional sheet. Voila!