Jillson Roberts

Jillson Roberts 5/8-Inch Double Faced Satin Ribbon Available in 21 Colors, Silver, 6 Spool-Count (FR0914)

Nothing looks quite as luxurious atop a gift as beautiful satin ribbon - there's something about the subtle glow, the soft drape and pretty woven edge of premium ribbon that's hard to resist. Many so-called satin ribbons just don't have that certain something; that elusive quality that defines high quality satin. Jillson Roberts produces some of the finest premium woven edge double faced satin ribbon available in today's market. Each spool holds5/8-Inch x 10-Feet of gorgeous ribbon that's guaranteed to make even the simplest bow look dreamy. And, who knows … that pretty ribbon on today's gift just might appear on a perky ponytail next week! There're 22 colors from which to choose, all designed to happily mix and match with Jillson Roberts gift wraps, wine and bottle bags, ribbons, crinkle shred and colorful Tyvek padded mailers to let your unique special occasion style shine. Jillson Roberts is proud to offer the largest, most comprehensive presentation of eclectic and environmentally sensitive paper products available on the market today; proof that one can, indeed, give beautifully and responsibly. They invite you to explore their fresh and innovative collections available on Amazon.