Jensen Compact AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with Auxiliary Input & Large Easy to Read Backlit LED Display

Jensen AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with Large DisplayThe Jensen Large Display AM/FM Clock Radio is a budget-friendly way to wake up on time each and every day. This compact clock radio features an analog AM/FM tuner and battery backup. Auxiliary Input, Extendable snooze, automatic time set, and automatic daylight savings time functions all add to the value.Large easy to read displayClearly view the time on the large, easy-to-read, backlit LCD display. Bright orange jumbo LEDs mean no squinting to read the time, even without your glassesAM/FM RadioA built-in AM/FM Stereo Tuner lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programmingSleep timerAllows you to wake or fall asleep to your favorite radio, talk and music programmingGradual wake alarmNormal alarm sounds with a preset volume are either too low to wake you up, or are so loud that you are awakened abruptly. The gradual wake alarm feature starts with a subtle, low volume that gradually increases to a reasonably high level in order to gently wake you from sleepAdjustable brightness controlWith the adjustable brightness control you can ensure you are easily able to read the display during the day and not be distracted at night because the display is too bright when trying to sleepSnooze ButtonWhen you hit the snooze button the sound turns off and automatically comes on again in 10 minutesAuxiliary InputAn auxiliary audio input lets you connect digital music players to the speaker dock for easy access to your musicBattery backupAn optional backup battery keeps the clock working, even during a power outage