JEM Cutters

JEM Cutters 112SP011 Funky Stars Fondant Cutter For Cake Decorating, Standard, Purple

JEM Cutter Funky Stars set of 3 is great for your Cake Decorating designs using Gum paste or Fondant. Great to top a party cake or other sweet treats. Best if used with JEM Roller Pad (109SE013), which is the only Pad you need to work with all JEM Cutters. Place your JEM Cutter on the Pad, work some Gum paste or Fondant and roll it thin with a rolling pin. Place the rolled out Gum paste or Fondant on top of the JEM Cutter. Use your roller on top of the cutter, and this will cut the Cutter shape. Remove carefully. Best to remove with PME Scriber Needle. You can also use PME Petal Base on your roller before placing the Gum paste or Fondant for easier removal.