Milk Frother and Milk Steamer from JavaFly for Cafe Latte

Fluffy Fly: The JavaFly Milk Frother creates a supple texture to your milk, peaking and foamy all at once. Hot Stuff: The JavafLy Milk Frother heats your milk to the perfect temperature, so that cold milk never again turns a perfectly hot experience into a lukewarm drag. Easy To Use: 1) pour milk into jug, 2) push button, 3) watch magic happen, 4) enjoy your elevated cup. Drink Types: Our latte frother catapults cappuccinos, levitates lattes, maximizes macchiatos, expresses espressos, and hypnotizes hot coffees. The JavaFly Milk Frother enhances any milk drink. Frothy Contents: 1) Shiny jug, translucent lid, powerbase + power chord. 2) Whiz whisk for fluffiest froth. 3) Warming whisk for exact heat. 4) Instruction manual for the flyest froth. Warming and infusing the white wonder with effervescent air so that any drink you make reaches an elated and elevated state.