Janey Lynn Design

Janey Lynn Designs Tease Me Turquoise Hotholders 8x8 Shaggie Pot Holder

Janey Lynn Designs Hotholders 8x8 Shaggie Cotton Pot Holder *Size: 8"x 8" *Material: 100% Cotton*100% Cotton Chenille *Hotholders are based on chenille Shaggies*Unique design to prevent top hand burns when removing items from the oven*Works well for placing hot pots/pans on cooler surfaces*Choose from many different colors Loop built in for easy hanging or storage. Comes in a variety of our top selling Shaggie and Shrubbies colors. These Hotholders replace the standard potholder and is a classy addition for any kitchen. Shaggie surface also available for cleaning up messes in a hurry.