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The Christmas Manger Wreath is part of the newest line of holiday home decor I am excited to be offering here at Custom Bows By Jami! It comes complete with a small ornament bow of your choosing--(either the Names of God Mini Bow pictured, or choose your own from the Customizations Menu.)--and features a primitive baby Jesus wrapped in a brown "swaddling cloth" laying in a manger of straw, (raffia). For this Custom Designed Wreath I have chosen an earthy, rustic grapevine hanging basket that measures 16 inches tall, (40.6 cm), 12 inches wide, (30 cm), and approximately 5 inches, (13 cm) deep. It has been outfitted with a wire hook for hanging, and backed with a piece of burlap cloth that I attached to the back of the wreath form to keep the 'bed' of raffia in place.Your primitive baby Jesus is available in 2 colors. Choose from light cream burlap or natural tan burlap when making your purchase. This beautiful, sacred Christmas Wreath has been custom designed by me and is my own original design. It holds a special place in my heart, and I am proud to offer it as part of my 2015 Holiday Wreath Collection. I hope it will become a beloved piece of holiday decor that reminds you and your family what Christmas is really all about.