J. Thomas

Shannon Electric Wi-Fi "Set and Forget" Wall Clock, 3 Sizes - Made in the USA!,

AUTOMATIC DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME - This clock connects to your Wi-Fi network (configuration required, directions included.) Accuracy within 1 second to SNTP time server. Our Wi-Fi clock will automatically reset to Daylight Savings Time and will automatically reset to the correct time after a power outage. No radio signals required! QUALITY WORKMANSHIP - The Shannon Wi-Fi Electric Wall Clock comes housed in a durable black plastic case with a shatter resistant poly-carbonate crystal. The face is printed with a hi-res printer to insure a deep rich black on white contrast. Includes a 5-1/2 foot electrical cord. Uses the U.S. Standard: 110v/60hz. The Wi-Fi mechanism is the finest mechanism available. Each clock comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. We build to order, please allow 7 days to ship. PERFECT FOR THE HOME OR OFFICE - The Shannon makes a perfect home or office clock. It's available in 10", 13" or 16" diameter. This clock is functional, but non-intrusive, in any area it's placed. Its black hands and Arabic numerals are offset against a pure white background making this clock extremely easy to read, even at a distance. TRUE "SET AND FORGET" TECHNOLOGY - The Shannon Wi-Fi Wall Clock automatically resets the time, even after a power outage. After its initial configuration, you'll never need to touch this clock again. Since there are no batteries to change, this is a true "Set and Forget" device. PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA - We believe in American products made by the finest U.S. craftsmen. Our Shannon Wi-Fi Wall Clock is a quality timepiece through and through. Buy Quality / Buy American.