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The Moonlight Runner J. J. Ballesteros Author

Simon Donovan tried to escape his troubled past by buying an old schooner and reinventing himself as a sailing charter skipper in a Mexican backwater. Fate, however had other plans. Both his and his ship’s past come back to haunt him in the form of a beautiful minister’s wife and a vindictive drug lord called “El Demonio”. El Demonio resents losing the last drug war to the Norteño cartel’s Colonel Barca and his elite narco-paramilitaries, who are in a neighboring state fi ghting rival traffi ckers. He plans to lure the colonel’s rear guard led by the impetuous Cisco Cisneros and his unwashed army of thugs into a trap forcing the colonel into a rematch. All El Demonio needs is to rally the Campeche Gangs, but to do that he needs guns … and Donovan’s ship to bring them in. To achieve his deadly plan, he kidnaps his new love and forces Donovan to make a moonlit run to the most treacherous part of the Texas coast.