One-of-a-Kind Sinclair Hand-Knotted Gray/Blue 5'6" x 7'9" Wool Area Rug Isabelline

Add a touch of elegance to your home with this product. Constructed on a loom with hand spun wool and natural vegetable dyes, this beautiful rug is known for the beautiful repetitive pattern with naturalistic patterns. The fashion palette produces bold, sharp patterns that are ingeniously versatile as the pattern is same on the front and back. This double-sided rug is designed to be used both ways being one side has the light shade of color, rather the other side has brighter colors and can be used to preference. This beautiful rug is made by individual short strands of different color being knotted onto the warps and held together by pressing the wefts tightly. The designs are made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps. Isabelline