One-of-a-Kind Fairwinds Super Kazak Hand-Knotted Wool Red/Ivory Area Rug Isabelline

Embellish your home with this exquisitely hand-knotted super Kazak Rug made with the finest hand spun wool and all vegetable dyes. Demonstrating incredible attention to detail, this hand-knotted masterpiece features an intricate Kazak pattern in a classic color palette. Each Kazak incorporates distinctive tribal flavor with elements such as, the stepped hooted polygons, geometrical medallions, animals and rosettes. The straight, clean lines and bold tones embody the weaving style of the Armenian and Afghani weavers known for these iconic designs. This magnificent rug is made with hand wool and natural dyes to produces soft luminous shades causing a beautiful sheen. With geometric designs and bold vibrant saturated colors predominately make a bold statement in any decor. The construction technique used ensures that the designs and colors are capable to withstand heavy traffic area. Isabelline