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Victorian Knob, Antique-Style Brass With Tiger Eye

Victorian Knob in antique brass with tiger eye semi-precious stone 1-3/8" diameter Product Specification: Made in the USA. Fine-art foundry hand-pours and hand finished hardware knobs and pulls using Old World methods. Lifetime guaranteed against flaws in craftsmanship. Exceptional clarity of details and depth of relief. All knobs and pulls are hand cast from solid fine pewter or solid bronze. The term antique refers to special methods of treating metal so there is contrast between relief and recessed areas. Knobs and Pulls are lacquered to protect the finish. Alternate finished are available. Tiger Eye semi-precious stone is chalcedonies quartz with a very silky luster that changes with the different light that hits it. Some Tiger Eye stones contain different color strips. It is a common belief that if you hold tiger eye stone it helps your overall spiritual well-being and health. It is a traditional gift for a 9th wedding anniversary. Victorian Jewel pulls and knobs will allow you to have so much fun with the design. The pulls and knobs come in five different kinds of semi-precious stones: Black Onyx Tiger Eye Blue Sodalite Red Carnelian and Green Aventurine. You can even use all of the different colors of the semi-precious stones on one cabinet facade which would give it an eclectic and playful look.