InStyleDesign Tower Adjustable Curtain Rod Set (28 to 48 inches - Cocoa)

InStyleDesign Tower Adjustable Curtain Rod Set (28 to 48 inches - Cocoa). Embellish the look of your living room drapery with this attractive curtain rod set by Tower. This unit's metallic sheen, distinctive finial and matching brackets add polish to the appearance of your living area. This set is available in a range of metallic finishes to blend well with most decors. Extend or shorten the length of the pole to suit the size of the window. Assemble your decorative rod effortlessly using this set that comes with a minimal number of components. Slide the rod through the grommets or rod pocket of your window treatments, and place the rod and curtain upon the mounted brackets. Made of steel, this rod is durable and strong. Set includes one high-quality adjustable steel pole, mounting brackets and two finials for easy installation Made of steel and resin, this unit is durable and strong Comes in a variety of finishes to match your decor Single adjustable, telescoping rod offers three length options of 28" to 48", 48" to 84" and 66" to 120"; three-piece adjustable, telescoping rod has a length of 120" to 170" Finial dimensions are 1.25" H x 3.75" W x 1.25" D Pole diameter is 0.825" for sturdiness Brackets provide 3" pole projection from the wall or window