INOX Sunrise Series Square Stainless Steel Oil Rubbed Bronze Right Handed Single Dummy Door Lever

The finishing touches make the 1 impression. Door levers have graduated from strictly the utilitarian purpose of opening and closing doors to an important part of the homes decor. INOX offers a line of beautifully designed hardware where attention to detail is its major focus. Our concealed door mount offers a clean and smooth visible surface. There are no dimples on the pressed face plate which differentiates INOX from other products. We are dedicated to vigorous quality control, from material machining, polishing, assembly and packaging, to guarantee the finest of quality standards. When you hold an INOX lever, you will feel its strength and enjoy its beauty. All the major components such as levers, face plates, and inner plates are manufactured with stainless steel which offers uncompromising quality and durability as well as superior engineering, precision casting, and meticulous craftmanship.