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What's for Dinner?: Our favorite family recipes.

Our family loves all kinds of foods, flavors and cultures. We are open to experiment and experience all the different cultures and their amazing dishes. That’s what you will find within our family’s favorite dishes from Hungary, Iraq, Mexico and right here in the good ol’ USA. So many families eat the same meals every single week, go to the same unhealthy fast food places and the same sit-down restaurants. I’ve found that the majority of people I come across aren’t open to trying new things, experiencing different restaurants and definitely have negative things to say when they find out that we eat vegetarian meals at home. “Where do you get your protein from?” and “how do you survive without meat?” are the two most common reactions I get. The funny thing is that we are more diverse and less picky in our eating than any of those who ask those questions. Although, our family eats a primarily vegetarian diet, that wasn’t always the case. So, I included some of our favorite all-time favorite dishes we enjoyed throughout the previous years.