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Vegan Meal Planner: With Grocery Lists (Weekly Meal Guides, Inc.)

Save time and money by planning your shopping and meals each week. Organized by day and week, this meal planner is designed specifically for vegans. Combining meal planning with a dedicated vegan grocery list each week helps you shop and cook efficiently. Each week has a blank spot for the date, so you can begin this meal/menu planner anytime; it provides you with a full year of meal planning and grocery lists. Each week has a 2-page format, which lets you plan your meals both by day and by week, and you create a shopping list to correspond with your meals. This helps avoid impulse purchases and prepared meals, which can be expensive and include hidden, non-vegan ingredients. This 52-week meal and menu organizer also gives you plenty of room for meal notes each week, which you can use to note grams of protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates and calories, if you wish to do so. The weekly grocery list in your “Vegan Meal Planner” is divided both by store section and vegan food categories such as vegetables, fruit, beans and legumes, grains, nuts & seeds, with lots of additional space to tailor your grocery list each week. Your “Vegan Meal Planner” also lets you plan ahead, particularly if you have special occasions that require extra shopping, prep time, or cooking. Given its portable size you can easily slip it into a purse, tote, bag, or pocket to take with you to the store. Professionally bound, the interior has white pages and roomy spaces between lines. The cover features an original photograph and a glossy finish to withstand spills in the kitchen. The “Vegan Meal Planner” is dedicated to helping you plan, shop, and cook vegan meals efficiently, economically, and enjoyably! Click on Weekly Meal Guides, Inc. above to see our other meal planners and recipe books. They make great gifts too!