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The Modern Keto Diet: A No-Nonsense Updated, Comprehensive Approach for a Ketogenic Life. Understand the 4 Types of Keto Dieting. Optimize Nutrition for Weight Loss & Better Health, Develop Meal Plans

★★Receive DOUBLE VALUE on this book. Now when you purchase the paperback version of this book you get the Kindle version FOR FREE★★Discover what has been called “the most effective diet of the 21st century” in a new way.Learn how to make the ketogenic diet work for you and for your lifestyle to maximize its effect on your health and weight loss.The Keto Diet works at the micronutrient level to basically get your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. This book will teach you:How to supercharge the keto diet from a nutritional levelHow to augment your results with effective forms of exerciseHow to develop effective meal plansHow to optimize the diet for weight lossHow to fortify your body and improve your health on the keto dietThere is more than one way to follow the Ketogenic Diet. This book will outline the 4 best types of Ketogenic diet to help you find the one that will work the best for you. This book will dispel the myths about the keto diet, it will help you avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls, and most of all, it will empower you with the know-how and practical insight to make the ketogenic diet your own.