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Recipes, Tips and Tricks For Vegans

This book is meant to make the transition from a regular diet to a vegan diet easier. We have included information that should be taken seriously and read and understood first. It is full of colorful pictures of all the vegan recipes included and there are a handful of vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner even dessert! To make the cooking of vegan meals easier we have included vegan recipes that have been approved by PETA. The author of, “Recipes, Tips, and Tricks For Vegans" is a natural health and natural living expert and has written many thousands of articles on the subjects surrounding these areas of study. He is also an herbalist and can help you learn how to make your usual, bland, Vegan meals much more appetizing through the use of herbs and spices that are suitable for the Vegan diet. Eating Vegan does not have to be boring as some people may think. In fact, it can be just the opposite and be more exciting than most vegetarian dishes if you know what you are doing with veggies, herbs and spices and sometimes, a kitchen stove!