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My Favorite Low Carb Recipes: Handwritten Recipes I Love

My Favorite Low Carb Recipes Handwritten Recipes I Love Here's an awesome book to hand-write your low carb recipes and those of family and friends. There's room for a whopping 200 recipes to fill for years. Great for people with cardiac concerns. Too often we either find a low carb recipe online we love, only not be able to find it again the next time we want to make it. By writing your favorites in this book, that won't happen again. There's also plenty of room to make your own customized notes for each recipe. Sometimes we want a real book in our hands while we cook, old school style, this book is a dedicated place to keep all your favorite low carb recipes in one place. You can also lend your book to family and friends. It would be fun to share your book with family and friends to write in their best recipes too. Who knows, it may just became a family favorite heirloom in years to come!