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Low Glycemic Slow Cooker Cookbook: Healthy And Delicious Low Glycemic Diet Slow Cooker Recipes (Low Glycemic Diet Cookbook)

Includes Healthy And Tasty Low Glycemic Diet Slow Cooker Recipes You Can Easily Make At Home! Get This Low GI Cookbook For A Limited Time Discount (40% off) The low GI diet has been proven to be effective for treating weight gain and controlling diabetes. The low GI diet is based on consuming foods that have a low glycemic index rating. Below are some example of foods with a low GI. Examples of foods with a low GI: • nuts • oatmeal • apples • beans and lentils • whole grains • green vegetables Foods that have a low GI rating contain more fiber and this causes you to feel full for longer. These foods will give a steady rise in blood sugar, on the contrary high GI foods will cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. This low GI cookbook contains the most delicious and easy to make recipes that have a low GI rating. These delicious low GI recipes will make you forget you are even on a diet, we hope you enjoy this tasty selection of low GI slow cooker recipes!