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#LCHF Life (Fitness Planner and Food Tracker): Low Carb Hight Fat Diet Weight Loss and Exercise Diary To Chart Macros, Nutrition and Progress (Women's Edition)

An inspiring 90 day (just over 12 weeks/3 months) diet and fitness planner to support you on your health journey to stay on track and achieve your personal goals. It’s simple, fast and easy and has space for you to record the key information you need to make progress. It’s undated so you can start and stop anytime if you require and a good size to fit in a bag or purse to carry with you.Inside there’s a tracker page to set your 90 days journey goals before you start and one at the end  to assess how you did and plans to progress after the 90 days also.  This is a useful method to help you succeed.At day 30, 60 and 90 there’s also progress reports for you to chart your progress, changes in your weight and body measurements for your chest, hips, waist, thighs etc and how you’ve felt so far the previous 30 days and your personal goals for the next 30 days ahead.The 90 daily progress tracker pages lets you track:your activity or gym info, reps, durations etc and calories burned/goals achievedyour food intake and the macros (carbs, fat, protein, calories in each if you wish) and total it for the day.your water, sleep and supplementshow you felt that day and your goals for tomorrow.Makes a great gift for friends or family to show your support in helping them stay on track to achieve their diet, weight loss and fitness goals.Happy tracking!SIZE: 6x9 inches (approximate A5)PAGES: 100 COVER: Soft Glossy Cover